Early Christian History

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This site discusses the early history of Christianity. This is a controversial yet interesting topic, due to the paucity of documentary evidence from the period, which is open to interpretation, as well as the wide variation in the documentation which has survived from that time. Please note some remarks about this site, further down this page.
Those who are easily offended by non-traditional views of Christian history, should not visit this site. If you are such a person, save yourself the aggravation and go elsewhere. You have been warned!

Overview Articles on Early Christian History

These articles offer an overview of how early Christianity proceeded in the manner it did.

Heresies, Movements & Controversies

These articles cover a variety of movements, many of them heretical yet which influenced later Christianity by virtue of their very existence.

Important Early Christian Figures

Many early Christian figures played their part in its history, however, these affected Christian history in particular, significant ways.

Christianity in the Roman Empire

A series of three articles on religion in the Roman Empire and Christianity’s place within it.

Miscellaneous Articles

These articles discuss topics not covered in the above categories. New! Don’t miss my new Amazon-powered aStore, “Early Christian Studies.”

About This Site

Please do not complain that this Web site does not give a “balanced” view of early Christianity’s history. It’s not my intention to do any such thing. Why? Because this site itself, is “balance”! There are many other Web sites offering traditional as well as non-traditional views. This site balances them all by offering a different point of view.

Also, if you’re a “believer” who assumes this site completely debunks all of Christianity, you’ll find this is not true — if you take the time to look at the site. In fact, you may learn something you’ll find useful!

Finally, please note that the articles in this site were written over a long period of time (from 1999 to the present); unfortunately, there’s some overlap in their content. As you can see, I have some more articles yet to write; when I’m finished with those, I’ll go back and edit the overlapping information. Until then, please forgive the appearance that I’m “talking down” to you, Gentle Reader, by repeating things.

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